The V-World Workbook

Donald Nute
Artificial Intelligence Center
The University of Georgia
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Exercise 4: Bumble 1.2

Notice that while a 5 x 5 piece of its world is visible to it, Bumble 1.1 only uses information about the smaller 3 x 3 piece of the world immediately adjacent to it. So it does not use all the information available to it. It seems likely that Bumble could survive longer if it used some of this information it is ignoring. Produce a new version of Bumble, Bumble 1.2, that displays the following behaviors.

1. If Bumble is hungry and there is no tree next to Bumble, but there is a tree two squares away from Bumble, and Bumble can move to an empty space next to the tree, then Bumble moves next to the tree.

2. If Bumble is hurt and there is no cross next to Bumble, but there is a cross two squares away from Bumble, and Bumble can move to an empty space next to the cross, then Bumble moves next to the cross.

3. If none of the above applies and Bumble is withing two moves of something interesting or desirable (a key, bug spray, etc.,) then Bumble moves toward the desireable object.

A good way to implement these changes is to define a predicate


that will pick an appropriate Direction given the agent's Perceptions and the Object you wish the agent to move toward. Then you can use move_toward/3 to define behaviors for Bumble where you need them. You will probably also need a table of directions that would move Bumble toward a square that is two moves away. For example, this table might begin with




Other than these changes, Bumble 1.2 should behave just like Bumble 1.1.

Save your code in a file called <yourname>- bumble_1.2.agt and test it in the worlds test1--test7.

4.1 Using the same evaluation criteria you used before, is Bumble 1.2 more or less rational than Bumble 1.1? Explain.

4.2 Bumble 1.2 should survive to 5000 most of the time in test1--test3, but it probably doesn't behave much better than Bumble 1.1 in later worlds. You may see some improvement; for example, it will find the key and at least pass through the first door more often in test7. But it still needs a good bit more intelligence to survive much longer than Bumble 1.1 in test4--test7. What additional abilities do you think Bumble needs to significantly improve its performance?

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